Fripp Island Security is an agency consisting of SLED trained and certified officers who are dedicated to serving the Fripp Island Community. They operate the gate, patrol the community and work in cooperation with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Department, the Fripp Island Fire Department and the Beaufort County EMS.

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) has empowered the Fripp Island Security with the same powers of arrest on Fripp Island as a Deputy Sheriff, and thus are also held to the same standards of conduct. The Fripp Island Security Department is dedicated to delivering professional services to the residents and visitors of Fripp Island and pledge to make these services innovative, community-minded, and integrity driven.

Phone: 843-838-2334
Fax: 843-838-2101

Fripp Island Property Owners Association
225 Tarpon Boulevard
Fripp Island, SC 29920