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Residents and guests at Fripp Island share this extraordinary habitat with a wide variety of alligators, turtles, dolphin, fish, deer, raccoon, and birds. It is the perfect place to live peacefully among nature and to observe and appreciate a wide variety of creatures.


A large herd of whitetail deer live on Fripp Island. Many of the female deer have tags in their ears denoting that they have received birth control. Today, as a result of this herd management research study, the deer on Fripp are healthier than in the past when the herd was much larger and had inadequate food. Dusk is the best time to see deer. Look, but do not feed or touch them. While they may seem domesticated, the deer are wild and must be treated with respect. More Information


The waters around Fripp Island have long been known as a fisherman’s paradise. In addition to crabs and shrimp, fishermen catch all kinds of fish, from trout and blacktip shark to Spanish mackerel, sheepshead, and flounder. More Information


Dozens of giant loggerhead turtles come ashore on Fripp each spring and summer to lay eggs. The Fripp Island Loggerhead Patrol, a large group of volunteers under the auspices of the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, educates the public and protects the turtles. Mama loggerheads weigh between 250 and 350 pounds and return to the vicinity of the beach where they were hatched to lay their eggs. The hatchlings are just a few inches long and are drawn to the sea by celestial light, but can be disoriented by artificial light. Beaufort County’s lighting ordinance requires no light be visible from barrier island beaches, thus the Loggerhead Patrol’s reminder, “lights off on the beach.” More Information


A reptile with pre-historic linage, the alligator has a very distinctive appearance with its armored lizard-like body and a long muscular tail and powerful jaws. Hundreds of alligators make their home in the lagoons and ponds on Fripp Island. While fascinating creatures, alligators are dangerous and it is illegal to feed them. Please be sure to observe the posted rules.


Fripp Island is a bird sanctuary abounding with shorebirds, songbirds, and marsh birds, and is one of the largest undisturbed marsh and coastal areas on the Atlantic Coast. Over 80 species of birds can be seen on Fripp. In 2010, the National Audubon Society identified Fripp as part of an “Important Bird Area.” Soaring bald eagles and ospreys, painted buntings that appear in the spring, migrating shore birds, brown pelicans and wood storks which both were once endangered, as well as numerous egrets and blue herons, are among the many birds to be seen on Fripp Island. More Information

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