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Fripp Island is a barrier island with three miles of beach along the Atlantic Ocean. Constant sand migration means that the beach is always changing. New tidal pools and dunes appear and then may disappear overnight. The Fripp beach is a place that merits constant exploration. More Information


Fripp Island is known for its expanse of gradually sloping beach with wet sand exposed to the tides. This is the area that is perfect for wading and building sand castles. Along much of the beach, there is an upper area with white powdery sand that forms impressive dunes.


Fripp Island is fortunate to have a series of extensive sand dunes, some several feet high. One can almost watch a dune grow as wind gathers sand around an obstacle on the beach, often dead cordgrass that has washed in from the marsh. Help protect the dunes by not walking on them. More Information


Many varieties of shells may be found on the Fripp beach. Some of the favorites are whelks, moon snails, lettered olives, sand dollars, sea urchins, augers, baby’s ears, slipper shells, and a wide variety of clams from the long razor to the tiny, colorful coquina. More Information


Fripp Island has a significant variation between high and low tides- sometimes a difference of eight feet or more. This ebb and flow contribute much to the ever-changing look of the island. Click here for the latest tide chart.


A number of different grasses grow in the dunes on Fripp. Sea oats are one of the loveliest with tall stalks swaying gently in the sea breeze and an extensive root system giving stability to the dune. Because sea oats are a key to preventing erosion, South Carolina has made it illegal to pick or damage sea oats. One of the least popular grasses is the low-growing sandspur that can stick into bare feet.

Beach Sweeps

Unfortunately, too many people who spend time on the beach do not carry away their trash. Loggerhead Turtle Patrol members and special beach sweep events gather litter that has been left on the beach. And nature in the form of exceptionally high tides and storms both sweeps the beach clean and deposits “new” litter along with new sand. Help us keep the beach clean by taking a bag and collecting litter as you walk.


Amenities are owned and operated by Fripp Island Golf and Beach Resort. A Club Card is required for all guests.