Jane Johnston

Fripp’s Nature

Sunrises & Sunsets

“Red sky at night, sailors delight. Red sky at morning, sailor’s warning.”

When we see a red sky at night, this means that the setting sun is sending its light through a high concentration of dust particles. This usually indicates high pressure and stable air coming in from the west. Basically, good weather will follow.

A red sunrise can mean that a high-pressure system (good weather) has already passed, thus indicating that a storm system (low pressure) may be moving to the east. A morning sky that is a deep, fiery red can indicate that there is high water content in the atmosphere and rain could be on its way.*

*(from the Library of Congress)

In any event, the sunrises and sunsets on Fripp Island are some of the most beautiful sights you will see and ones that our visitors and residents keep in their memories for a lifetime.

Sophie McMullen