Safety & First Aid


Stingray: Hot water, venom is neutralized by heat. You may need a tetanus booster.

Jellyfish: NO TAP OR BOTTLED WATER! Use ocean water to flush away stingers. A credit card can be used to scrape away stingers. Use a cool diluted white vinegar compress to sooth.

Shark: Call 911. Rescue is on island. Apply continuous pressure to the wound. Stay calm.

  • No lifeguards are on duty. Dangerous rip currents may form in the surf.
  • Do not wade in standing water on the beach or dune system.
  • Do not use private property to gain access to the beach.
  • Do not climb rock revetments as rocks may shift and are slippery.
  • Boardwalks and crossovers are for pedestrian use only. No Golf Carts!