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Feb 08

Wildlife Wednesday Workshop - Coyotes

Posted to FIPOA News by Stacie Thrush

We want to thank everyone who attended the first Wildlife Wednesday Workshop. We give special thanks to Heather Pickens and Colleen Goff, who provided valuable information, answered questions, and addressed concerns.  If you could not attend, you can watch the video and find the link below.  Our next Wildlife Wednesday Workshop sponsored by the Wildlife, Environment and Grounds Committee is March 6 at the Community Centre, or you can attend via Zoom. Zoom links are provided in the Friday Update emails. The focus will be on newborn wildlife on Fripp.

You can find the video link on the WEG page here. You must be logged in to access the page. If you are a homeowner and have not created a website account, you can do so from the website's upper left corner. A reminder that you will not have instant access to the website; your account must be manually approved.  Please sign up using an email address. Apple ID accounts cannot be approved, and using other accounts could delay approval time.

Jan 23

BOLO - Stolen Golf Cart

Posted to Fripp Island Security by Stacie Thrush

On 01-09-24, a blue Yamaha four-seater golf cart was stolen from the New Haven parking lot by an unknown subject. The VIN number for this cart is JC2203338, and it has a Fripp Island decal of 3670.  If you see the cart on the island, please contact Fripp Island Security at the phone number (843) 838-2334. If you see the cart off the island, please contact Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency number at (843) 524-2777.   

  Tips for securing your golf cart: 

1.    When parking a golf cart, never leave keys in the cart, even if parked inside a garage.

2.    When possible, park in a secured garage.

3.    Lock the steering wheel or gas pedal when not in use.

4.    Switch golf cart mode from run to tow when not in use. This will disable the cart from moving.

Go to Google and type in golf cart locks and multiple options will be displayed to find some of the above options.

Jan 31

Fripp Island Community Centre Weekly Update

Posted to Groups and Organizations by Stacie Thrush

Fripp Island Community Centre and All Faiths Chapel

Weekly Update - January 31, 2024

The Fripp Island Community Centre is a 501(c)3 organization and was established for the purpose of maintaining an All Faiths Chapel and Community Centre to further the religious, spiritual and cultural growth of Fripp Island.  All property owners and full-time residents are members of the Community Centre.

February Community Dinner and Annual Meeting

Our next Community Dinner will be Wednesday, February 14 at 6:30 p.m. in Hammet Hall.  This will also be our Annual Meeting.  Those present will hear about the year's accomplishments, see our financial status and 2024 budget and elect a new slate of Directors.  We hope you'll join us!  The menu for this sweetheart of a dinner is:  spinach salad with strawberries and warm bacon dressing; scallops and shrimp en vol-au-vent with a champagne, fresh herb and Meyer lemon reduction; wild mushroom orzo with a black truffle beurre blanc; heirloom gingered carrots with roasted cherub parsnips.  Appetizers and desserts by Gloria.  Reservations are $25 per person and can be made by calling Gloria Robinson at 210-394-2062 or by dropping a check at her cocktail box at 413 Porpoise Drive.  Please have your reservations in by Sunday, February 11.  See you there!

FICC 2024 Fund Drive Status

As of today, the last day of our official Annual Fund Drive, we are at approximately $45,000 in donations or pledges.  So, with one day left, we know you can do it! We are so grateful for the generosity of Fripp Islanders.  If you haven't yet donated to our Annual Fund Drive, please do so!  And just because it's the end of the drive, doesn't mean we won't still take your donations!  It just means that you won't see any more messaging until we announce the final total.  Thanks to all who have given or will give.    We truly appreciate all who have "turned up the temperature" on our fund drive thermometer!   Donations can be mailed to the Fripp Island Community Centre, 205 Tarpon Boulevard.