Around the Island

Designated as a Wildlife Sanctuary, Fripp hosts more than 175 species of birds living along the ocean and Great Salt Marsh. On any given day, you can spot majestic brown pelicans flying in formation or great blue herons, snowy white egrets and wood storks stalking their next meal. Among the native wildlife, you'll find raccoons, alligators and an abundance of deer. The forests here are covered with live oaks, palmettos and pines.

Bike Paths

Fripp's miles of leisure trails and paths invite you to explore. Often, you'll be joined by deer who share the quiet roadways at Fripp. Whether on a contemplative nature walk or a brisk morning workout, you'll find Fripp invigorating to the body and the soul. Park your car and enjoy the freedom of walking and biking to all your destinations. Please take a look at our welcome brochure for more information about the island and a map to help you find your way.


There are two parks/playgrounds on Fripp.

Hannah’s Park

Visit Hannah’s park, which is closest to the entrance of the island. The park has playground equipment, benches and tables ready for your picnic. A butterfly garden and waste bags for your pets are also available. Hannah’s Park was named after a young girl named Hannah who lived on Fripp with her mother and brother and who loved her island and its playgrounds. In 2016, she lost her battle from a waterborne disease and the park was dedicated in her name.

Davis Love Park

On the other side of the island is Davis Love Park, which is named after the golfer who designed the Ocean Creek golf course. This park offers even more playground equipment, a large grassy park, a memorial garden and waste bags for your pets.

Hunting Island State Park

On the adjacent island to Fripp is a wonderful natural resource. Hunting Island State Park, one of the most popular state parks in South Carolina, has a nature center, nature trails, large maritime forest and a pristine beach. Additionally, the park has regularly scheduled programs, such as beach walks and alligator talks.

Visit Hunting Island.

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